Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Current Network Status - No Known Issues

Network Backbone - No Known Issues

CCS Datacentre DC14 - No Known Issues

CCS Datacentre DC1 - No Known Issues

Customer Networks - No Known Issues

Leased Lines - No Known Issues

VoIP -
No Known Issues

xDSL Platform - No Known Issues

Mail Services - No Known Issues

DNS Services - No Known Issues

Web Hosting - No Known Issues

Scheduled Maintenance - None


Thursday, March 21, 2019

*** RESOLVED*** VoIP - Major Service Outage

13:45 - A configuration change, as instructed by the supplier has been put into place. Service is now stable, and our apologies for the incident.

13:35 - Service has been restored. Investigations into the reason for the outage continue.

13:25 - We have been alerted to a major service outage on a number of our call routers, causing issues to the majority of our VoIP customers.

The manufacturer has been alerted on a Priority 1 ticket and is presently investigating.


Friday, August 31, 2018

*** RESOLVED*** VirginMedia based Leased Line - Leeds Core.

Customer Internet Leased Lines provided over VirginMedia infrastructure in the Leeds area are seeing intermittent service at present.

Virgin have identified a core chassis component fault and are expecting a replacement on hand around 11am.

This is affecting a substantial number of customers in the Yorkshire area, but effects are being noticed as far as Newcastle and Manchester.

Update: 09:50 - The faulty supervisor has been replaced, and services are once again stable.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Monday, March 20, 2017

*** RESOLVED *** VoIP Inbound Call Issues


At 16:11 we were alerted to the loss of connectivity to our largest telephony provider which is currently affecting inbound calls.

We also lost outbound capability for around two minutes but then hit a capacity limit which further prevented outbound calls. This was addressed by 16:20 and outbound calls are now flowing fine.

Update: 16:35 - Inbound calls are still affected and we are awaiting a carrier update.

Our office phones although not operating on the customer facing telephony system are also affected, so please email support@ccsleeds.co.uk at the present moment.

Update: 16:52 - It has been established that around 40% of our anticipated inbound calls are flowing as normal, although connectivity is still patchy at present.

Update: 16:58 - All calls have been restored to normal. Traffic levels are also returning to normal.
Further detail of the cause and remedy will be posted as soon as we have this to hand.

Update: 17:05 - We note that inbound calls are failing again, and are investigating as a matter of priority once again..

Update: 17:15 - We are thankfully in a position to confirm that all call routing is performing as normal and inbound and outbound calls are 100% completion rate and traffic is returning to normal.

I can only apologise for the disruption and an incident report will be dispatched to those affected tomorrow.